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Playing a guitar may be both: your hobby that you devote every free second to or your profession when you are used to be on the stage and impress your fans with new hits. In any case, all the guitar players share a real passion to what they do. If you found yourself in music and would like to share your emotions with other enthusiasts, you will be excited about Acoustic Guitar Magazine that is written by musicians, who definitely share your true devotion to string instrument. Reading this magazine will enhance your knowledge about other famous guitar players, provide you with notation and tablature of some legendary songs, give you some practical advice on how to choose the right guitar for you and much more.

Acoustic Guitar was founded in 1990 and today the magazine may be proud of having acquired a great number of readers of 54,000 who share their devotion to the string instrument. Not only the musicians may find their interest on the pages of the Acoustic Guitar Magazine but it will be a treasure for the collectors as it gathers a lot of valuable information on the vintage guitars and the history of those. On the other hand, the musicians will appreciate the guitar lessons that are also included in every issue of this magazine.

Without a doubt, the success of each journal starts with the attractive cover. Acoustic Guitar always features the most fascinating stories of famous guitar players, who share their experience in the interview or the report on the pages of the magazine. The stories of those who are admired by people are motivating the beginners to master their skills and inspire the professional players for even smoother sound and creativity in song writing.

Another important surprise that you will find in Acoustic Guitar Magazine Subscription is the traveling tips for real guitar lovers. Going to another state or country is already a pleasant way to spend a holiday, but what If you also manage to participate in a music festival or visit a famous guitar shop? This will definitely make your trip even more personal and adjusted to your interest. In every issue of the Acoustic Guitar you will find reports dedicated to traveling the places associated with this string instrument.

Even if you think that reading printed magazines becomes old-fashioned, remember that such journal may bring you closer to some legendary guitar players, who look at you from the cover of Acoustic Guitar. In comparison to other magazines, it is not just entertaining, but also educating as there are lessons and songs that you can learn how to play with the help of this journal. However, the most important motivation for you to subscribe for this journal is the inspiration that can be found on every single page. Every musician knows how important the Muse is for creating sound and writing songs, so it is time to check: maybe your Muse is hidden on one of the pages of Acoustic Guitar.

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