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The history of New Mexico journal fascinates their readers with the fact that it was the first state magazine founded in the US. It is dated back to 1923, when the original version New Mexico Highway Journal was launched. However, after some time the content started to change by featuring more and more stories and therefore attracting the attention of tourists visiting New Mexico.

With more than 150,000 readers monthly, New Mexico Magazine definitely inspires people to visit this state and learn more about traveling and lifestyle there. It covers such topics as history and culture of this region, highlighting the tourist attractions and wonders of nature in New Mexico. Luckily, this magazine is also partnering with the New Mexico Tourism Department, providing the local and international visitors with tour guides in different languages. If you have not been to New Mexico, but you are planning your trip, this magazine will enrich your knowledge of the culture and traditions in this region and help you better prepare for your travel. However, New Mexico Magazine is not only suitable for tourists, but also for the locals, who would like to stay up-to-date about the events that take place soon or simply learn more about the history of their home state. Regardless of which group you belong to, let us take a quick look on the sections of the journal and see what kind of information can be found there.

First of all, the travel section will give you some clues of the most famous destinations in New Mexico. Whether it is the capital city Santa Fe with the visible traces of Spanish history everywhere or the sleepy town of Madrid with its art community, you will definitely want to visit these places after reading the illustrative reports about them in New Mexico Magazine. The cuisine section cannot be read on empty stomach… First time you try the traditional food of New Mexico, you will be willing to do that again. This is so thanks to the wild mixture of cultures of Puebloans, Spanish and Mexicans, who all influenced the food culture in one or another way. Some of the traditional recipes can be found on the pages of New Mexico, which can be used in your kitchen and become your favorite family meals. Even though food is the tastiest part of any culture, learning more about the art, music and dance associated with a certain region is equally important. New Mexico can boast of high quality of articles and reports dedicated to cultural treasures. The information about art exhibitions and musical festivals worth visiting is also included in the magazine.

If you are a passionate traveler or simply interested in new cultures, New Mexico Magazine subscription will be an educating and entertaining read for you. The great thing is that the magazine may be delivered internationally, so you just need to subscribe, make a payment (via Visa, Mastercard or American Express) and wait until your New Mexican adventure arrives.

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